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You must fulfill the regulations: get the tithe in the mail. Once God gets it, he gives you the return, but you must do your part first. He tells you the law, and then you start it. But, in a way, God started it first because he gave us everything, in abundance.
— John-Roger, DSS

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seed Money

In 1988, Glenn Barnett, my friend and co-anchorman for the "award winning" Now News (a comedy skit we got a lot of mileage out of in Prana's early days), came into my office with a small booklet. It looked very old and unglamorous. Glenn thought it would interest given my interest in tithing. The book was called Seed Money: The Law of Tenfold Returnby John Hoshor. I read the book found it quaint and somewhat outdated and put it away.

A few years later when John-Roger introduced seeding to us, bells went off, and I went searching for the book in my files. I could never find it (and it is rare that I lose anything). However, as seeding started to gain a following I came across a book by Jon Speller entitled Seed Money In Action. I immediately recognized the concepts not only from J-R but from John Hoshor's book. In fact, upon further investigation I discovered that Jon Speller had got the rights to Hoshor's book and Seed Money in Action was an expanded version of the orginal book plus Speller's commentary, personal anecdotes, observations, and one hell of a lot of name dropping.

In the coming posts I aim to share with you a summary of John Hoshor's original thoughts. It's nothing you don't know if you have read the Seeding Section of God Is Your Partner, (available on pdf on this site, or can be ordered from the MSIA store). J-R gives a much more comprehensive and Spirit-filled picture, to say the least. However, I think there is value in exploring what others have to say about seeding as it may inspire you to enter into this process in a fuller and more confident way.

One thing to be aware of is that John Hoshor speaks with absolute certainty about a tenfold return. We in MSIA speak of the return possibly being hundredfold, or even a thousandfold, depending on many factors.

To give you a flavor, John Hoshor's book begins:

"Let us imagine that we have $50 in U.S. currency. We could put the money in a savings bank and it would return us approximately $2 a year. We could buy a mortgage certificate and get a return of $3 or even $4 a year. Or we might use the money to buy a share or, depending on the price, several shares of stock in some corporation, perhaps get dividends and, provided we bought at the right time and sold at the right time, make a profit on the transaction.

"Of course, we could also use the $50 for food, rent, clothing, books, tools or for other needs or just for pleasure. . . . That is why money is the medium of exchange. It can be used for many things.

"One of the things for which money can be used--which at this writing is not generally known--is as SEED MONEY. This means that we can so use money that we reap a harvest of multiplied money.

"We give it to our Church...Then we follow a specific mental formula derived from the Great Teacher and proven absolutely true and dependable by such financial giants as the first John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Julius Rosenwald, Andrew Mellon and others of great wealth.

"With perfect safety, without any risk whatever, our seed money so planted will return to us tenfold. We will receive back $500.

"Can't you just see the bankers and the economists holding up their hands in horror at Seed Money? They will tell you it's impossible!

"You are welcome to believe them and lay this booklet aside or give it to someone else. Or you can read it and learn how SEED MONEY multiplies, why it multiplies and by following the principles and methods set forth, prove its truth and worth for yourself.

"Incidentally, it has often been said, many times inaptly, that 'The truth shall make you free.' The only truth that will make you free is the truth that you prove for yourself. If you cannot prove something in your own experience--if you cannot apply it and demonstrate it in your daily life--whatever truth it is, or is not, will not make you free."

Please let me know if you enjoy this thread.

Posted by Paul Kaye at 10:12 PM
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